The Cold Part II

The kids must have brought me the gift of germs this Christmas from school. Meg has been sneezy and runny-nosed, Nic has been coughing at night and just came to complain of a headache. Yesterday while on the way home from a monster grocery shop (thank-you Amy for pushing a second cart for me!) I felt a cold coming on with the urgency of a train-wreck. It's a doozy. I have a sore throat, stuffed up nose and feel generally horrible. Joy!

I got all the gifts wrapped today; just have to do stockings. Then tomorrow night after kids are in bed we have to get their bikes out of the car and put the kick-stands on. And I have to come up with clues for scavenger hunts as bikes don't really fit under the tree :)

Tomorrow our church community will gather for lunch and a small program together. Then at 5 we'll start our traditional Christmas Eve bingo (long tradition in Troy's family) and then we'll watch Polar Express (yeah, yeah, I know, get behind me Santa.)

Sometime tomorrow I have to roast one of the turkeys I got since they weren't very big, and we all know Troy will be wondering if we are going to have enough food!


Merry Christmas

From our house to yours
Merry Christmas!


A long winter's nap

It feels like it's really getting to be Christmas now. The kids got out at 1 today, and as promised, we took them to a Chinese restaurant a block away that has an aquarium in the floor under part of it. Then we came home and I had a wonderful long nap.

Tomorrow I have to finish up stocking shopping, wrap stuff, and do my big grocery shopping. In the evening we're going out with friends for dinner.

I am feeling very protective of this beautiful little boy. Not too unexpectedly, Nic's report card was not very positive. Then on Wednesday morning, the woman who will be doing Nic's assessment called to make an appointment for next week for us to meet with her before she sees Nic. I just want to say that we really do want to get this done; if Nic really has learning issues then we want to deal with them. But my heart is not thrilled at having to deal with this at Christmas-time. I know he has issues. But my mother's heart balks at having a stranger who knows nothing about him spend a tiny amount of time with him and then summarizing my son. I'd like to wrap him in a cozy blanket and sit with him on the couch in the dark and look at the tree lights together for at least a month, and then maybe I'll be willing to face this.

Nic with Alleke Grace

On a happier note, my package from Lucy just arrived, so I have my roasting bags for my turkey on Monday. Yay! Lisa, our prayers were answered :) At last count it seems we will be having at least 20 people around our table for Christmas dinner, which is just the way I like it. We're excited that a family we know from school from India who live only a block away will be joining us.

I did not get all my Christmas letters ready to send to the US for cheaper postage, so now I have to decide what to do with the rest! I can't face paying $1.00 per envelope from here! It may be that the rest have to be electronic!

Anyway, time to get the kids some dinner.


A jump on the new year

I always get a little bit reflective this time of year. I get all kinds of organizing urges, sort of spring-cleaning in every area of my life. In my house, but also in my heart and my soul.

I don't make new year's resolutions, because they just set me up for failure. But I do hope to grow and change.

One of the things I have felt deeply lately is the power of words, my words. During this time of year it's easy to spend money on my family and friends. But presents don't matter much if I am crabby, if I am harsh, or unkind. The most beautifully wrapped present does nothing to take away the sting of harsh words or a thoughtless comment. My children would much rather have a snuggle on the couch with a calm and present Mom than barked orders from a Mom on a mission to buy more stuff. My husband would treasure tenderness more than bounty. My friends will be more blessed by a gentle spirit than even the most thoughtful gift.

So this Christmas, and in the new year, I will seek to give the gift of a tongue that is under control.


It's time for some fun

I looked around for a more serious template that I liked and really couldn't find one that wasn't boatloads of work and I couldn't be bothered to go through and re-do all the changes I had made before.

I love this Pixar short, so when I found this I decided it would be fun for awhile. So there you have it!