"Fighting" for Advent

I haven't posted in so long that I'm not even sure where to start or what to say! Getting the most out of the Advent season has definitely been a struggle for me this year! I STILL have not gotten our photos printed, even though we have had it ready for more than a week. I'm hoping to power out on Christmas letters this weekend, but we have a service tomorrow night and then a dinner party on Sunday night. I'm trying to take the time to pause and reflect as much as I can, but it has definitely only come in snatches. I finally was able to start my Christmas shopping today, which helped get me in the spirit because I LOVE buying people presents :)

On Thursday, "my girls" (amy, kelly & victoria) planned an amazing day to celebrate my birthday. First we met for breakfast, then we went here!

WOW! The package they got us included 90 minutes in the baths, a 15-minute massage, and lunch in the restaurant afterwards. Floating in these baths was probably the best advent reflection time I have had!

There is a hot pool, one that is warm, and an ice-cold one, as well as the steam room, not to mention the spigot in the wall where you could get amazing cool tea. All I have to say is, if you live in Madrid, go NOW! :)

If I ramble any more this post will become a mile long, so I will leave you with my idea of what Burger King's new slogan should be: "Have it your way....the second time."

Enough said.