OK, you don't have to worry, my crabbiness of yesterday is gone :) It turned out to be a good day. After I resolved to be in a better mood, Troy and I went out to run some errands. Happily, I found a whole case of turkeys at the Carrefour in our old burb, so was able to buy good-sized birds for Sunday, something that made my day since the pressure of turkey hunting was off.

The prep for the rest of the day went well, even had time for a quick nap. There's nothing like opening the bedroom door and smelling roasting turkey! Yum.

Everything turned out well, and we there were 13 of us. Warren was like "If this is the more intimate, sit-down family dinner, what is Sunday going to be like?" Chaos, that's what!

Anyway, all the things I am thankful about are too many to list, but I am thankful that this boy of ours is still in one piece and that his brains are still in his head. This is how he looked when he came home from school yesterday.

He and Meg were playing tag after school when he did a face plant. That boy!

So now are we recovering (so we can do it all over again on Sunday on a much larger scale.) We're enjoying leftovers. Yummy! And I'm trying not to get Amy's cold.

Tomorrow I turn 38.


All I want for Thankgiving is a good night's sleep

I promise I will be more thankful later in the day, but Thanksgiving morning did not start out in a holiday sort of way. For one thing, in Spain it's just another day, so kids have to go to school and all that.

I have not had a really good night's sleep for the past week, for any variety of reasons (waking up in the night to realize I didn't have turkey roasting bags, a daughter who has not been sleeping well and thus has come into our room--to my side of the bed--eleventy-billion times, late nights etc.) I do not function well when I don't get enough sleep.

So I didn't start my day in the best of moods. My son woke up at 6:30, probably because he didn't eat well enough last night so he was hungry. During breakfast prep I dropped the milk frother on the tile floor, shattering it in a million pieces. Usually I have a spare (these things do not have a long life!) but I didn't this time. Meg spilled her word master-mindish game all over the floor of her room. The floor that had still had her school clothes on it from the day before.
Sigh. I'm about to go on a chart binge again. Every so often when my kids seem to not listen to a single thing I have told them a million times I get frustrated and make up charts for the things they are expected to do. I feel a chart coming on. I'm thinking that this time they are old enough that I can start using allowance and what-not for additional motivation.

Anyway, I decided that I've had enough crankiness for Thanksgiving. And even though Thanksgiving is not over, I pulled out some Christmas music :)

I AM thankful for my many blessings. And I will write a proper Thanksgiving post later on!


More Thanksgiving Blessings

Yesterday I was in Carrefour doing the big-we-just-got-paid-again grocery shop, but especially everything we needed for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow.

I went to the poultry counter where in recent years I have managed to get a turkey without ordering. Actually, last Christmas I almost had a heart attack when I saw this beast sitting in the display case. Usually turkeys here run between 12 and 15 pounds. I was so excited I asked them to wrap it up for me before I even had time to wonder if it would fit in my oven. It did, barely. But I was not leaving that turkey there!

Anyway, the poultry case yesterday was full of chicken, chicken and more chicken. Oh, and some rabbits too I think. I asked the lady "You don't have any turkey?"

"No, not until the 25th."

"And there is no way to order one?"


So now I was resigned to a turkey hunt. I could most likely order one from my tiny local grocery store, but they would run pretty high. I remembered that Troy was out in Las Rozas, home of the Carrefour with the turkeys, so I called him and asked him if he could run by there and see if they had any turkey.

"Ramona has one," he said.


"She just called me; she has an extra turkey. Call her."

So yeah, Ramona (Mom of wonder-boy Jonathan) has an extra turkey that she ordered and I can pick it up today.

Now I have to go order turkeys for the Oasis Madrid Thanksgiving at our house on Sunday. There are going to be about 38 of us!


God of Reynolds Turkey Roasting Bags

Thanksgiving has REALLY snuck up on me this year. I love this time of year! I have been enjoying it so much, and November has been SUCH a crazy month. On Saturday night, I woke up the middle of the night for some reason or other, and realized, to my complete horror, that I did not have any Reynolds Oven Roasting bags, turkey size. You cannot cook a better turkey than in these bags! You don't have to baste, they make the best gravy, and better yet, you don't have to scrub the pan! Every year I get somebody to send me some of these for Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys.

This year, I asked Amy's Mom to bring me cranberries. And I completely forgot about the roasting bags. Until the middle of the night on Saturday.

I went a little nuts trying to figure out how to get bags! I asked my friend Mary if they sold them in France. I asked my friend Jenn if they sell them in Canada because my other friend Karen is still there and coming back this week. Jenn said to me "you really want those bags don't you?" And I said "You have no idea."

Anyway, she was going to check for me today, once it was actually daylight in Toronto :)

A little while ago, I went out to give Amy & her parents directions to the gas station and then to Barcelona. Amy's Mom pointed me to a small paper gift bag on the sidewalk and said "There are your cranberries, and some napkins. And oh, you don't have to use them if you don't want, but I PUT SOME ROASTING BAGS IN THERE TOO!"

I almost fell flat on my butt on the bridge over the M-30. Then I hugged Amy's Mom. I think I did a little shrieking. Then I hugged her again.

And on the way home with my bag of goodies, I thanked God that He is a God of roasting bags. I know He was having a good smile at me while I went through the "find-roasting-bags-at-all-costs-gymnastics". I love how He gives good gifts; not just big ones, but little ones that make a special holiday even better.