Conquering the Gadget Genes

A Tale of a Small Red Phone

On Saturday night, in the midst of a very strange weekend, my mobile phone died. I have only had it for a year and a half, but I think they make them to break so you have to replace/upgrade often. It would turn on, but the screen was completely black and it would not reset, even when I turned it off, took out the battery etc. I don't talk on my phone a lot, but I do use it a lot, and it's important to me that I am always reachable by school and family especially.

I was annoyed, but I ordered the second cheapest phone I could get through my mobile phone points through Vodafone. (The first phone I tried to get was apparently not available, so I wasted considerable time trying to chase that down.) In the meantime, Troy and I shared his phone depending on who needed to be more reachable. His phone is way older and shabbier than mine but still works well.

This morning I decided to try one last time to see if my phone would work. I put the SIM card in, put the battery back in, and turned it on. It worked!!!! Sigh. I went online to try and cancel the order for the other phone. Approximately 1 hour before the door buzzer rang.

It was the courier, with the new phone I no longer needed.
A fun little red flip phone. My little gadget heart beat quickly.

I looked at my perfectly good Nokia phone. I looked at my hubby's shabby old Motorola, with the black and white screen.

I gave my hubby the new phone. I wanted it, but I gave it to him. Hurray! At least once, I conquered my greedy gadget genes.

*I think I may have plugged my phone into my PDA charger instead of my phone charger, which may have freaked it out into not working for a few days. But it's working fine now. See where having too many gadgets gets you?


Normal pre-dinner conversations...

"What are we having for dinner?"

"I don't know. What do you want?"

"I don't know What do we have?"...

Pre-dinner conversations when I actually HAVE a plan

"What's the package of chicken for?"


"What are we having?"


Insert unhappy face.

"Can we have fajitas?"

"See, this is why I never come up with a plan! We can, but we don't have any peppers, and I am not going to the store."

Thoughtful pause. "I LIKE curry. I just don't want it TONIGHT."

"OK, we can have fajitas but they won't have peppers in them."

"Maybe when you take the dog out"....



The tender side of Madrid

Last night on my way to community group, God showed me the generosity and beauty of the people of Madrid.

While I was on the metro, a woman got on who was trying to earn some money by serenading people (this happens quite often). Usually people look away and ignore these people (sometimes me included) but this time I saw many many people hand her coins. A young cool guy standing near me dug in his pocket AND his wallet to give her something. Wow.

Then, when I was about to turn onto Holy Spirit Street, an elderly woman fell in the entry-way of a building. People came RUNNING from several directions to help her up, dust her off and ensure that she was OK.

My heart swelled.



Troy and I are feeling much more encouraged today after a VERY hard day on Friday. We have gotten SO much affirmation and encouragement, and the Lord has begun to answer our financial need as well.

On Saturday night we had a church service, and after the service the congregation gathered around us and prayed for us. As I sat there with tears pouring down my face, strangely, I thought of the ending in the movie Lilo & Stitch. When Stitch is about to be taken away, he asks to say goodbye. He then goes on to say "This is my family. It is little, and it is broken, but still good; yeah, still good." Even though there were only 24 or so people at church, they are our family, and they poured out their love on us. And the beauty of being part of the family of God is that we are ALL broken.

We still don't know for sure what our future holds, but we DO know that we are loved and appreciated and cared for.

Thank you!