Hooray for Daughters!

More than a year ago I got my husband to scrapbook with me. It lasted once. That was it. Good thing I took photos to prove it happened!

This summer, Meg expressed interest, so I bought her a small scrapbook. This week we got some photos from Disney of our summer visit. Friday mornings I scrapbook with my friend Lisa (I am hoping to get to know some other women who do it as well) so today Meg joined us for her first scrapbooking experience.

Little Miss Meaghan, who chipped her OTHER front tooth recently! Oy vey!

Meg's very first scrapbook page

Her second page

Creative genius at work

Page three


I was really glad to spend a few days with Kelly & April & Ali, helping with their adjustment to being a family. I may still have "the knack" with babies, but I have to say I am too old for a newborn :)

Here are a few thoughts on home...

~Home is throwing my kids on my bed and tickling them to death
~Home is 1 Mom, 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 feather duvet piled on the couch watching Narnia
~Home is poetry my husband wrote in anticipation
~Home is my own pillow and the chill of early autumn against my nose in contrast to the toastiness of the feather duvet and my personal bed-heater
~Home is flirting with my husband in the kitchen over dinner prep
~Home is a naughty Beagle who sits practically on top of me on the couch
~Home is frothy-milked-cinnamon-topped coffee in the orange/blue/yellow mugs
~Home is my daughter coming to find me for hugs throughout the day with a "I'm so glad you are home" or an "I really missed you, Mom"
~Home is giving the boys haircuts
~Home is a little boy who seems to grow by the minute with mis-matched pajamas, one sock and one slipper



Even though my soup yesterday tasted fine, today I am redeeming myself. There is a wonderful pumpkiny smell in the air. I'm making pumpkin soup, which April actually taught me how to make. But she has not made it for awhile so I thought I would make it for her. It has become a favorite in our house.

One of the things I love about making pumpkin (or squash) soup is the long process. First I cut it into chunks and throw it in the oven with some water at the bottom of the pan so it won't burn. For a couple of hours it fills the house with a wonderful harvesty smell. When it's all soft and fragrant, I throw it in my big blue pot with a handful of potatoes & carrots, an onion, and some chicken bullion. After that the smell gets even better.

At the end, when everything is cooked through, I blend it all up, add a little milk, some salt & pepper and lately a dash of cloves. A little nutmeg is good too.



I get no respect!

Before I begin, a disclaimer (the art of which I learned from Kelly.) Actually, two disclaimers.

Disclaimer #1: April really loves soup. Since she just worked hard at giving birth, I figure she is entitled to having her whims and desires catered to a little.

Disclaimer #2: April is also a little anemic, so she needs to get as much iron in her diet as possible.

This morning I decided to make April (and Kelly & I) soup. I found potatoes and carrots, and didn't look for onions so Ali wouldn't be affected. I peeled 'em up and threw them in the pot with some veggie buillion. Near the end of the cooking, I had the brilliant idea to throw in some frozen spinach too. Spinach is a great source of iron.

Um, yeah, so maybe NEXT time, one block of frozen spinach would be enough. So that the soup does not end up looking like this...

This is the thanks I got....


In my defense, it tasted good!