Doing the Furlough Blues

If you have a minute to say a prayer for us, I could use it. Today has not been a good day. The weight of furlough, fund-raising, uncertainty, suitcases (which we forgot when we left Rochester today) traveling, and all the rest has me buried today.

I think I need to sit down and have a good cry.


The meaning of the word loud


We are in Minnesota, and tonight we are having a birthday party with Troy's family for his brother Todd. They are playing the game Catch Phrase and can I just say that it's a good thing we don't share any walls with anyone. This family doesn't need a game to have outbursts! Talk about loud. It's the boys against the girls. I am not playing because I needed to finish our email newsletter as well as The Cactus, our weekly church update. Although long ago his family learned that I am not a big game player so they don't harrass me too much. Now that my emails are ready to go I will go sit in there with them and laugh at them. I think I need earplugs though!