Quick Post

I miss wireless!!! Yes, I know I am in America, land of free wi-fi, but I don't have time to just go hang out in Panera (although I would like to!)

We spent the last week visiting family, first Troy's brother and his wife in Kansas, and then Troy's sister here in Colorado. So we were really only able to check our mail there. And here in Colorado Springs we have to be physically connected to the network to be online. Thus my silence.

Tomorrow Troy flies to Spokane to speak in a church there. I'll be here with the kids until he gets back early evening on Monday. Then on Wednesday we fly to Minnesota.

Our furlough is going generally well. I think emotionally we are enjoying it much more than our last one. Still a bit early to say how support raising is going, so keep praying. We still have a deficit in our ministry account and a lot of monthly to raise.

More as soon as I can. Maybe I'll have to hit Panera on Sunday afternoon so I can just ramble a bit!