One Week

We've been in the US for a whole week now, and I have been lazy about writing. A few times I would have written some brilliant (I'm sure :) ) if I had had my laptop with me and wireless access but oh well. I'm still winding down and decompressing and recovering from jet lag. Now that we are on Colorado time (where it has been deliciously downright cool and rainy; note to self: pack warmer clothes for Colorado next furlough!) they are waking up pretty early.

This furlough is much more relaxed and enjoyable than last. To be honest, we were not in a great emotional state the last time we were back. So it's much better this time.

We had a fun 4th of July with our friends Brian and Susy in Denver and watched the World Cup instead of fireworks :) Well, the fireworks got rained out in Denver. It was a great visit for both of us as Brian and Susy are good friends and we had meaningful, important conversations with them.

We also ate way too much good food and said tushy all day. Well, Troy did mostly.

Anyway, I hope to write more brilliant things soon!