It has been a good day today. Even though we did a lot of packing, it wasn't too much, so it still felt peaceful. It was nice to have a day in without all kinds of errands, or painting or whatever. We started the day with fresh croissants and coffee. Even Meg got in the packing action and packed a couple of boxes of her toys without us asking, as well as packing up her Barbie stuff.

The house is looking really and truly bare now. The shelves in the living room are empty, most of the stuff is off the walls, etc. I'm trying to do as much laundry as I can now so that I don't have to worry too much the rest of the week.

Tomorrow morning Troy has to go to the embassy to get his passport renewal started. I need to find a moving truck, and call about getting utilities changed over to our bank account. Our new landlord keeps everything in his name so we don't have to pay start-up fees, which is nice. I don't enjoy those kind of calls but they have to be done. Also hope to get some work done on the garden while Troy is in the city.

When he gets home we hope to go to Ikea to buy the kids' beds so they can deliver them on Tuesday while we are there painting.

Nic's bed will be this color

but set up like this

With this

And this is his duvet cover

Meg picked this bed

And this duvet cover

And we'll hang this over, so "she will be like a princess"

It's great to be able to fix up their rooms for them. I'll post pictures when they are done!