Oh the Adventure!

I am so thankful that I can trust God (not that I have permission to, but that I have it within me) because otherwise I think I would be a complete wreck!

On Wednesday night, after I wrote my last post, I got my home late after my home group. On the way home, I realized with a rush of panic that I had neglected to cancel the automatic bank transfer to pay rent on our current home. I thought I could do it online, so I just kept reminding myself to do it as soon as I got home. I was tired and sort of crabby.

I got home, sat down on the couch with my laptop and checked my email. There was an email in response to my request for the last amount of money we need to finalize our furlough arrangements expressing concern at the negative balance in our account. We knew that was going to happen, had even warned our mission about it. But still, the extra month security deposit we had to pay, plus the US dollar steadily losing ground against the euro, plus furlough tickets have all eaten into our account in an alarming way. I know that God can provide for us, but it was still a bit of a shock.

Then I moved on to try and cancel the bank transfer. Guess what, that option is only available online from 8am to 9pm.

Thankfully, I was so tired that I couldn't stay awake to worry.

Thursday morning I woke up to an email that the money would be there, and the reassurance that furlough is for raising money! I felt better.

Unfortunately, the rent transfer had gone through, so I had to hustle to the bank. Thankfully they were able to reverse it, so my first month of rent in the new apartment was paid. I did not want to start our history off with a returned amount!

God has been reminding me of His care and faithfulness in steady small ways over the past few days.

~Friends have come to help us paint our new home. So far, we've painted Meg's room a kind of dusty pink color, Nic's a bright bright yellow, our room a raspberry color, and the office a kind of tan color. The rest of the house is taped, ready to paint, and even one wall of the living room has the ceiling edged. I was able to pull all the tape and dropcloths out of the kids' rooms, and we even put bins of Nic's toys in his room. Thank you Jay, Lisa, Amy and Jo for all your help! We'll be packing today before we head to church tonight, and then tomorrow we'll stick around home to pack some more and Sabbath too. Monday we will go buy the kids' beds, so that Tuesday we can be there for the delivery and more painting. Will post pictures when we're done.

~We took Nic to the dentist last night. The clinic was professional and pleasant. Nic's tooth will have to come out (what I suspected) and they will put a spacer thingy in there so the gap doesn't close. Since it's a molar the new one probably won't come in for awhile even though my kids get their teeth incredibly early. He also has one other tiny cavity. We'll go back twice more, once for impressions of his teeth to be made, and the second time for the filling, the pulling and the placement of the spacer. Nic was really nervous at first, but the dr. was really nice and took her time explaining what she was doing. And the price for the work is under 200 euro, so that was good to hear as well. I also made an appointment for Meaghan to be evaluated for braces. I feel very relieved to have found what seems to be a good dental option for my kids. I know that if we take care of their mouths they should be able to avoid a lot of the dental trauma I've had.

~We have a couple of pieces of furniture that will not fit in our new place, but I haven't been too good about advertising them. But despite that, it seems that the two biggest things are sold. That was a real answer to prayer.

~I am feeling very good about our new home, and at ease. (When we first found it I was worried that we were going to be living way above our class! :) ) But now that we drive in the garage, we've seen lots of normal cars (although there is a Porsche :) ). We also met Luis, the portero (kind of like a doorman, all around handyman, sorts the mail etc.) and he is super super nice. Yesterday there was a group of kids playing in the public area, and Nic was calling "Owa" (Hola, still working on his l's) down to them. He keeps remarking how much he loves his new house. I have explored a bit of the neighborhood, and when buying supplies for lunch yesterday I found a nice little supermarket. They had raspberries for 2 euro! That is really cheap here. I hardly ever buy them in Spain because they are scarce and pricey. I savored those berries! We took in a trunkload of miscellaneous items, and those have actually been put away, so that felt good too.

So even though I know the next week is still going to be stressful and busy, I am clinging gratefully to God's hand, knowing He is holding me up, guiding us, and providing for us.

Now I need to go and write our 3-day late newsletter and pack!



I figured it was time for an update lest you think I've been awake worrying about the dentist since the last one!

~ I made a dentist appointment for Nic the very next day. We'll take him on Friday at 6, after spending the day painting our new flat. Troy will go with me, so I can translate where necessary but hopefully Daddy can accompany Nic into the actual procedure. I am hoping while we are there to see if we can get Meg in to be evaluated for braces before we go on furlough.

~We had a mini-vacation on the beach with our friends Kelly & April. We drove down on Wednesday evening after Meg got out of school and came home on Sunday. The first day we were there was cool and windy, so I was stupid about sun-screen. So I am now a very a-PEALING person (that one is for you Troy & Kelly!) It was great to have a chance to disconnect our brain a little bit and chill on the beach. Troy and the gang (pretty much everyone but me) built some spectacular sandcastles, so I'll have to post photos later.

~Our house has started to look like we are moving. We're painting at the new flat Thursday and Friday so hopefully we'll get a lot done in those days. Next week we'll have the kids' new beds delivered and finish up any painting, then the landlord will hopefully have someone clean the place and we'll move on Friday.

~My allergies are a bit better, so at least I have been able to stay in bed all night. I wake up sneezing as soon as my medication wears off, but at least I'm not spending 2-3 hours on the couch trying to breathe!

~I think that's it for now!