Why do I doubt?

God has bowled me over today. I don't know why I waste energy doubting His good intentions for our family.

~After dropping the kids' stuff at the school yesterday, I called today to check. THEY ARE IN! They were hoping Nic could go to summer school to be able to catch up a bit. When I told them we'd be gone, they said it would be fine for me to go meet with them and get materials that I can use to work with him over the summer!!

~Seeing the apartment yesterday confirmed it was not the one for us. When I called the lady for the newer apartment today, she was SO nice, and she is not asking for ANY bank guarantees.

Just wanted to share the good news. More later.


Cool Quote

I was chatting with my friend Sara about things, and she shared this quote with me: "Life is the art of living gracefully in the midst of ambiguity." I think that is my new motto!

Checking In

~We had a great weekend on Oasis Madrid's first annual Easter Retreat. I came down with a cold in the middle of it, but it was still a wonderful weekend. I was so proud of our team for putting together a really meaningfull Easter experience. More later, with pics.

~Tomorrow we are going to see the older apartment that is closer to the metro, and after that we hope to either pursue that one or the one we saw before.

~Tomorrow I'm also going to drop some of the kids' work at the school to see if they are up to par with the level the school needs to accept them. Mostly I think this will be no big deal, but I don't rest too easy until I hear for sure that they want our deposit money!

~The last of the Easter houseguests leave tomorrow, so the Cady Hotel will be closing until its move to its new location! How weird!