Stupid Browsers

For the record I just have to say that internet explorer makes me mad! I had my blog banner looking spectacular after considerable time messing with the html. I was very happy with it. Then I told Troy to check it out, which he did. On internet explorer. Where it looked completely wonky.

I always use Mozilla Firefox (I do listen to my computer friends in some things even though I have not bought a Mac) to edit my blog template and it has never even entered my head to check and see how it looks on internet explorer. Sigh.

I have messed with it some more and now it looks more or less OK on both browsers, but nothing like it did before. So this is my disclaimer. If it looks mediocre, it's not my fault!!!


Daft and Dafter: A Post for Sarah

So a couple of weeks ago, Sarah and I made plans to get together one morning after we dropped the kids at school. I thought the plan was to drop her husband off at work and have coffee at the hotel where he works. (Sarah later informed me that this was never HER plan!) Therefore, I left my car at school and hopped in with Sarah and Joaquin. So we drop Joaquin off and Sarah suggests that we just go to her house for coffee instead since I am going to help her pin up some trousers (pants for you non-Brits). Off we go, chatting all the way.

We have a cup of coffee, then a cup of tea. We pin up the trousers. We gab a lot.

When it comes time for me to go, I say goodbye and head outside to my car.

Which is not there.

Laughing my head off, I go back and ring Sarah's doorbell and remind her of the small detail of me and my car not being in the same place.

Thankfully she took me back to school to get it.


Google Silliness

I have a few deeper things swirling around in my head, but those will have to wait until I get a bit more time to sift through them. In the meantime, here's my results on the google image thing-a-majigger that is going around. You do a search and pick the image you like the best from the first page of results. I have seen a couple different orders/formats so I combined a few.

First name: Heather (I picked this one to honor all my classmates in music class at the Alliance Academy who would sing to me in music class....all around the purple HEATHER)

Middle Name: Anne

Last Name:

Age on my next birthday: 38

City I grew up in: Quito

Quito Posted by Picasa

Favorite Color: Blue

Place I'd Like to Live: Madrid!

Place I Live Now: Madrid! :)

A habit I have: Drinking coffee

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Animal: Dog (I picked this for Lexi who loves to have her paws rubbed)

Religion: Follower of Jesus

Dream Job: Church planting; it's where God has put me!

Your Grandmother's Name: Cora Adams (but this is not a photo of her)

Your favorite smell: Fresh-baked bread



You gotta love a man who is secure enough to borrow clothes from girls when he is cold!