Sunny Portugal

I know it seems like I have fallen off the face of the earth...but I am just in sunny Portugal.

Last week was a busy blur. Our sweet Meg turned 9 on Thursday and it was a great day. You can tell she is getting older; she was so appreciative of the sentiment we wrote in her birthday card, and several times she said "Thanks Mom, for a great birthday." My little widget. How did she get to be 9? For the second year in a row, "God gave me snow on my birthday!" It was cool, but hope she doesn't come to expect it every year!

Friday after school was the birthday party with friends from school and church. Her school friends aren't bad but they sure are hyper. I had to say I was glad when the last three left.
Since I was leaving for Lisbon on Sunday to hang out with Mary & Terri (we decided I need an erri sounding name...) I had tons to do before I left. Especially since we have a service the day we get back so I need to get the bulletin done a week ahead etc. I managed to get everything done.

Early Sunday morning I opened my door to watch for Jay & Carolyn, the world was white and wet. A couple of inches of snow had beautifully covered everything. Thankfully the highways were salted and we got out of Madrid without too much hassle.

We three girls have been having a relaxing, decompressing time together. Lots of talking, sitting over breakfast for hours (they have a breakfast buffet here that is out of this world), shopping, more talking. How blessed I am to be in community with these women of God. As we share our stories, our hurts, dreams, fears and struggles, the love of Christ winds between us like a beautiful ribbon, binding us together.

Troy comes today and tonight CAI's annual team leader's gathering starts. I love this week of seeing dear friends, getting lots of hugs, being in a place where you are known, understood, accepted, affirmed.

Anyway, the other two went running. I did not :) But I need to take a shower so we can head down to breakfast once they get back.
I'll be back on eventually!