Sigh of Relief

I was awake at 4 this morning, but I was not too unhappy about it because for the first time in probably four days I didn't have a headache. I think this cold is finally starting to loosen its grip on me. Anyway, I felt so much better that as I drank my fruit tea to ease the tickly cough in my throat I planned a hundred productive projects for today.

Yeah, so now it's 6:34 and the only real productive thing I did was give 3 haircuts. Troy did get our monthly newsletter done too. But I had some ambitious plans that don't look like they are going to happen today. Honestly though, that's OK. I needed a day like today to just recover from the last 10 days! I am really looking forward to this week because the madness of Thanksgiving and our housewarming are past, and the kids only have school on Monday and Tuesday. So the rest of the week will be forcibly less busy, and we have some fun plans like going downtown to the Christmas market, etc.

I really need to do something about Christmas letters and a photo, but not today. I also need to finish decorating the house for Christmas.

And you'll be happy to note I figured out a solution to my spell-check issues that began when I downloaded Mozzila 2.0 (which I love in every other way, especially the handy-dandy weather bar that I added to the bottom of my screen. It is now mostly cloudy and 46 degrees in Madrid. Yes, I'm a wimp and kept it in F. I just don't do well with C. I can do kilos but temps still befuddle me. All I know is that when it's over 40 it's hot.

Church last night was cool. We had people there that have probably never been in church. That always makes me so excited! Especially when they seemed to really engage, and one Spanish guy even stuck around to help us clean up. That's something some of the regulars don't even always do.

Troy and Nic are in Nic's room playing "crashing cars". All I can say is that it's a good thing the bedrooms have indestructible laminate on the floors and that Nic is blessed to have a Daddy who knows it's important for little boys to crash cars (even though it makes Mommy crazy), important enough to set aside the text-twist game on the computer when he JUST got Mommy to share her laptop.

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Anonymous said...

That makes two of us. I'm also feeling a lot better.