Sigh of Blissful Contentment

We had a a great day. It's 7:05 and I feel like it's midnight I'm so tired :) But it's a good tired. I didn't really feel it until I sat down to watch Cars with the kids. I was up until 11:30 finishing the wrapping and got up at 6 to put in turkey #1. Went back to sleep for a little while, but not long enough! My cold and I will be sleeping in tomorrow! I have hardly had a voice today, so I guess we can all be thankful for that :)

There were 17 of us for Christmas lunch (we missed you Miriami and Heini!). The only sad part was that they confiscated the cranberries from Amy's friends Ian and Kristy in England! Apparently cranberries are a very dangerous weapon. Very very sad. What will I have on my leftover sandwiches?

More later, but Merry Christmas everyone!

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