A jump on the new year

I always get a little bit reflective this time of year. I get all kinds of organizing urges, sort of spring-cleaning in every area of my life. In my house, but also in my heart and my soul.

I don't make new year's resolutions, because they just set me up for failure. But I do hope to grow and change.

One of the things I have felt deeply lately is the power of words, my words. During this time of year it's easy to spend money on my family and friends. But presents don't matter much if I am crabby, if I am harsh, or unkind. The most beautifully wrapped present does nothing to take away the sting of harsh words or a thoughtless comment. My children would much rather have a snuggle on the couch with a calm and present Mom than barked orders from a Mom on a mission to buy more stuff. My husband would treasure tenderness more than bounty. My friends will be more blessed by a gentle spirit than even the most thoughtful gift.

So this Christmas, and in the new year, I will seek to give the gift of a tongue that is under control.


relevantgirl said...

That's a great gift, my dear friend Heather. I miss you!!!

Nice blog template, btw!

OleGirl said...

Hi Heather,
What a cool blog! And, this particular entry resonates with me. Heh, I was trying to track down your mailing address and came across your blog on Google. Please email me your address when you get a chance and maybe you'll get our Christmas card by the new year! :-)
Lots of love,
Dana (Sanders, in case there are more "Dana's in your life.)