The Cold Part II

The kids must have brought me the gift of germs this Christmas from school. Meg has been sneezy and runny-nosed, Nic has been coughing at night and just came to complain of a headache. Yesterday while on the way home from a monster grocery shop (thank-you Amy for pushing a second cart for me!) I felt a cold coming on with the urgency of a train-wreck. It's a doozy. I have a sore throat, stuffed up nose and feel generally horrible. Joy!

I got all the gifts wrapped today; just have to do stockings. Then tomorrow night after kids are in bed we have to get their bikes out of the car and put the kick-stands on. And I have to come up with clues for scavenger hunts as bikes don't really fit under the tree :)

Tomorrow our church community will gather for lunch and a small program together. Then at 5 we'll start our traditional Christmas Eve bingo (long tradition in Troy's family) and then we'll watch Polar Express (yeah, yeah, I know, get behind me Santa.)

Sometime tomorrow I have to roast one of the turkeys I got since they weren't very big, and we all know Troy will be wondering if we are going to have enough food!

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