OK, you don't have to worry, my crabbiness of yesterday is gone :) It turned out to be a good day. After I resolved to be in a better mood, Troy and I went out to run some errands. Happily, I found a whole case of turkeys at the Carrefour in our old burb, so was able to buy good-sized birds for Sunday, something that made my day since the pressure of turkey hunting was off.

The prep for the rest of the day went well, even had time for a quick nap. There's nothing like opening the bedroom door and smelling roasting turkey! Yum.

Everything turned out well, and we there were 13 of us. Warren was like "If this is the more intimate, sit-down family dinner, what is Sunday going to be like?" Chaos, that's what!

Anyway, all the things I am thankful about are too many to list, but I am thankful that this boy of ours is still in one piece and that his brains are still in his head. This is how he looked when he came home from school yesterday.

He and Meg were playing tag after school when he did a face plant. That boy!

So now are we recovering (so we can do it all over again on Sunday on a much larger scale.) We're enjoying leftovers. Yummy! And I'm trying not to get Amy's cold.

Tomorrow I turn 38.

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Victoria said...

that was super fun. ps... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!