Proof of the Redemption

Awhile back I posted about pumpkin soup that was my redemption for the nasty looking spinach soup I made for Kelly & April.

"Even though my soup yesterday tasted fine, today I am redeeming myself. There is a wonderful pumpkiny smell in the air. I'm making pumpkin soup, which April actually taught me how to make. But she has not made it for awhile so I thought I would make it for her. It has become a favorite in our house.

One of the things I love about making pumpkin (or squash) soup is the long process. First I cut it into chunks and throw it in the oven with some water at the bottom of the pan so it won't burn. For a couple of hours it fills the house with a wonderful harvesty smell. When it's all soft and fragrant, I throw it in my big blue pot with a handful of potatoes & carrots, an onion, and some chicken bullion. After that the smell gets even better.

At the end, when everything is cooked through, I blend it all up, add a little milk, some salt & pepper and lately a dash of cloves. A little nutmeg is good too."

So here is the photographic proof!!

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Sophie said...

Hi heather,
.... so used to seeing April and reading about babies that my first thought when I saw your picture proof was "baby food!!"

I bet its yummy though!!
Love ya