More Thanksgiving Blessings

Yesterday I was in Carrefour doing the big-we-just-got-paid-again grocery shop, but especially everything we needed for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow.

I went to the poultry counter where in recent years I have managed to get a turkey without ordering. Actually, last Christmas I almost had a heart attack when I saw this beast sitting in the display case. Usually turkeys here run between 12 and 15 pounds. I was so excited I asked them to wrap it up for me before I even had time to wonder if it would fit in my oven. It did, barely. But I was not leaving that turkey there!

Anyway, the poultry case yesterday was full of chicken, chicken and more chicken. Oh, and some rabbits too I think. I asked the lady "You don't have any turkey?"

"No, not until the 25th."

"And there is no way to order one?"


So now I was resigned to a turkey hunt. I could most likely order one from my tiny local grocery store, but they would run pretty high. I remembered that Troy was out in Las Rozas, home of the Carrefour with the turkeys, so I called him and asked him if he could run by there and see if they had any turkey.

"Ramona has one," he said.


"She just called me; she has an extra turkey. Call her."

So yeah, Ramona (Mom of wonder-boy Jonathan) has an extra turkey that she ordered and I can pick it up today.

Now I have to go order turkeys for the Oasis Madrid Thanksgiving at our house on Sunday. There are going to be about 38 of us!

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