Life is Revving Up

It's a cold rainy Sunday morning. Life is gearing up for busyness, I can feel it. Sunday is always like that a bit because of getting ready for Monday morning. In our house that means making sure the school uniforms are clean, that there is something for snacks, etc.

This week we have added craziness because I have to give the teaching for the Cross Currents course on Monday and Wednesday both. And on Wednesday morning, Troy is taking our Morocco ministry team down to Morocco. He gets back next Monday. So I'm on deck. Meg has a dentist appointment on Friday, we have a service day for "our" homeless on Sunday...and so it goes.

Today the kids and I are driving out to the "country" :) to see our friends Sarah, Ivan and Sam. We were hoping to go for a ramble but I think it's going to be too wet.

I think the dog needs a play-date too! When we were trying to train Lexi, we read a book called
Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence (we did survive, barely). In it, the author talks about the play-times she has with her dog, as well as play-dates. I think Lexi would totally love that :) This morning I was walking her and we met a frisky year-old Cocker Spaniel (which was off the leash and still obeying its owner; something we were promised in several books we would never be able to do since we bought a Beagle!) and Lexi had a riot running around playing with it for a bit. Sorry Lexi, I don't see any arranged play-time in your future any time soon!

I certainly haven't been writing anything too deep lately, but oh well!


Sarah said...

Glad you ventured out to the sticks. It was good to see you.

kelly said...

I'm looking forward to my play date with Lexi next week :)

Can't wait to see the whole fam in person!