It's been a crazy kind of day, a roller-coaster of emotions (yes, vastly helped by hormones.) This morning we went to the bank to try and return excess money that got wired here from Holland by mistake. You would have thought by the way the man there carried on that I was asking him to commit murder or perjury, or both. The way the banks work here is that you have to pretty much do everything at your own branch office. So tomorrow Troy and I have to drive all the way out to the suburbs to try and get this resolved. If anyone makes faces at me they might regret it!

Then I was supposed to meet Kelly to start (for the second time) going through Waking the Dead together. Only I could not find my book or workbook ANYWHERE! (If you read my blog and I lent these books to you -- yes, we are bad about writing down what people borrow-- can you let me know? :) ) I searched the house from stem to stern and this got on my nerves in a ridiculous way.

I talked to a friend who is having a hard time, I thought about someone who won't return my emails, I got myself worked up over all sorts of things.

As I felt myself winding up into a tight rubber band ball, I had the sense to finally sit down and spend some time with God. That, and hanging out with Kelly for a few minutes, and having lunch with Amy helped a lot.

As I made a salad for Troy's community group tonight I found myself on the other end of the emotions (I know, hormones, leave me alone.) I was deeply grateful for a lasting and deepening love that Troy and I share, for the fact that we live in a city where we can do quite a bit to treat God's creation with respect by living in an apartment that we love, taking public transportation most everywhere, recycling paper, plastic, metal, "bricks" (containers that milk & juice come in) glass etc. It felt good to be able to step back from the irritations and emotions of the day and feel a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

On a lighter note, when I picked Nic up at school yesterday, he was telling me an animated story about a new girl in his class named Emma and how the others girls were pushing him because they didn't want him to be close to Emma. I said to him, "Well, don't worry about it buddy, sometimes girls are just silly." He looked at me with big eyes and replied very seriously, "Yeah, and ANGRY!" I got a laugh out of that one.

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