Important Life Lessons

1. If your computer says "Inconceivable!" (a la Princess Bride) every time you get an email, it's probably not a good idea to leave the computer in the bedroom with you, unmuted, when your husband is not at home to protect you. Hearts can stop you know.

2. Just because the bank ATM says you can withdraw 1,000 euro daily(to give to the landlord because he forgot to tell you there was an EXTRA 425 euro charge coming out this month so the bank bounced the rent charge and threw his finances into huge disarray and it's BOTH his fault (because he didn't TELL me) and my fault because I forgot about what he didn't tell me, uh huh, doesn't mean you actually can. You can only take out 600. What was I thinking?

3. For the eleventy-billionth time, PREVIEW movies (even children's movies like The New Adventures of Heidi) because sad endings will reduce my daughter to a puddle of tears.

4. I TOTALLY cleaned the office today, re-arranged and organized my part of the space (I did not however, do my filing) and it looks amazing and I can see the top of my desk now. But the rest of my house doesn't look as good, sad to say!

5. 6-year-old boys do not like to spend much time browsing in the euro store. They're happy to spend 2.80 of the 3 euro you gave them on a notepad of paper to draw pictures and a plastic dinosaur, but once he has them picked out "Can we go now Mom?" Hunting and conquering indeed.

6. If you want a different color text in your blog post, choose the color BEFORE you type anything, or before you spell-check because you will end up with one big run-on paragraph. And WHY does blogger spell-check still say BLOG is a mistake????

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