I have a code in my head

Yeah, the cold caught me. My head feels like a bowing ball. I'm going to drink a ton of liquids today and hope that helps. Also eating crackers with slightly spicy sauce to clear the sinus blockage :) Oh well. I'm sitting here waiting for my fellow Canuckies the Ginters to come for lunch, so I have a few minutes to kill. I have a long list of things I should be doing instead, like....
...figuring out what I am going to serve at our open house housewarming tomorrow night (from 5-10, come on over)
...finish decorating the house for Christmas (I haven't gotten farther than the tree)
...shorten the red curtain panel since my deliberate effort to shrink the other curtains to make them shorter was widly successful
...helping my husband put away the 3 tons of clean laundry that he just folded (by the way, if you don't read him, check out the amazing poem he wrote me for my birthday...)
...going out to buy those cheezy advent calendars with chocolate for my kids because Meg has had to remind me REPEATEDLY that TOMORROW IS DECEMBER MOM! Honestly, it has so snuck up on me this year.
...trying to figure out something to stop the dog from having nuclear powered gas. I don't know how germs can even survive in this house.

I feel like I have written nothing but fluff here lately, and I do want to get back into some more valuable writing. Anybody have any burning topics they think I should write about? Leave me a comment :) I have definitely been pondering a lot about raising a daughter (only because she's older) in today's world and trying to find a balance between innocence and awareness of the world. Whew!

Well, P31 (Troy) is making me look bad because he is getting cracking. Later!


Victoria said...

P31 hahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAhahahaha

Anonymous said...

A "code" in your head? "P31"? "Bowing balls"? Is that more Da Vinci stuff (or even fluff)?

Seriously though, the topic of social & parental constructions of childhood (e.g. the innocent v. the knowing child) is extremely interesting. I look forward to your comments!

Sorry I can't make it to your house warming... I'm driving to Barcelona tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I have a cold too :(