God of Reynolds Turkey Roasting Bags

Thanksgiving has REALLY snuck up on me this year. I love this time of year! I have been enjoying it so much, and November has been SUCH a crazy month. On Saturday night, I woke up the middle of the night for some reason or other, and realized, to my complete horror, that I did not have any Reynolds Oven Roasting bags, turkey size. You cannot cook a better turkey than in these bags! You don't have to baste, they make the best gravy, and better yet, you don't have to scrub the pan! Every year I get somebody to send me some of these for Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys.

This year, I asked Amy's Mom to bring me cranberries. And I completely forgot about the roasting bags. Until the middle of the night on Saturday.

I went a little nuts trying to figure out how to get bags! I asked my friend Mary if they sold them in France. I asked my friend Jenn if they sell them in Canada because my other friend Karen is still there and coming back this week. Jenn said to me "you really want those bags don't you?" And I said "You have no idea."

Anyway, she was going to check for me today, once it was actually daylight in Toronto :)

A little while ago, I went out to give Amy & her parents directions to the gas station and then to Barcelona. Amy's Mom pointed me to a small paper gift bag on the sidewalk and said "There are your cranberries, and some napkins. And oh, you don't have to use them if you don't want, but I PUT SOME ROASTING BAGS IN THERE TOO!"

I almost fell flat on my butt on the bridge over the M-30. Then I hugged Amy's Mom. I think I did a little shrieking. Then I hugged her again.

And on the way home with my bag of goodies, I thanked God that He is a God of roasting bags. I know He was having a good smile at me while I went through the "find-roasting-bags-at-all-costs-gymnastics". I love how He gives good gifts; not just big ones, but little ones that make a special holiday even better.


relevantgirl said...

HOOOOORAYYYYYYY God is so good!!!!

Victoria said...

lol that's hilarious

kelly W said...

and we will partake of the joy of the roasting bags very soon. i can't wait.