Wind and Oil

After I finished my lament yesterday I thought I would have the women in our Wednesday night group do one for our worship time. While they were working on theirs, I wrote this, since I had already done my lamenting for the day!

I walked out wrapped in somber spirit
hope not dead
but surely subdued
braced against expected cold

instead I found
a sweet wind sending clouds on their way
unveiling clear rain washed blue
this wind
it carried the warm autumn

scent of fallen leaves

it lifted the corners of my shroud of sorrow
the edges fluttering in defiance of my grief.


I was held captive and warm

in the sweetness of shared
spirit and the relief of lifted prayers

oil blazed the shape of hope
the cross
anointing me

Wind and oil

blowing, soothing my lament away


Troy said...


The lament poem and the card you made really touched me. I lament with you, my dear. I also loved reading this "Wind and Oil" poem. This line especially spoke to me: "oil blazed the shape of hope..."

Thanks for your heart.

I love you.


Erin said...

Such a beautiful counterpoint to your thoughts from yesterday.

Soul therapy.