Troy and I are feeling much more encouraged today after a VERY hard day on Friday. We have gotten SO much affirmation and encouragement, and the Lord has begun to answer our financial need as well.

On Saturday night we had a church service, and after the service the congregation gathered around us and prayed for us. As I sat there with tears pouring down my face, strangely, I thought of the ending in the movie Lilo & Stitch. When Stitch is about to be taken away, he asks to say goodbye. He then goes on to say "This is my family. It is little, and it is broken, but still good; yeah, still good." Even though there were only 24 or so people at church, they are our family, and they poured out their love on us. And the beauty of being part of the family of God is that we are ALL broken.

We still don't know for sure what our future holds, but we DO know that we are loved and appreciated and cared for.

Thank you!


biscuit beth said...

ur right we are all broken, for me the beauty of it is that our broken jagged edges can fit together and make up for each other so in Christ we form a whole person again.

Heather said...

No doubt, we make a beautiful mosaic!