I was really glad to spend a few days with Kelly & April & Ali, helping with their adjustment to being a family. I may still have "the knack" with babies, but I have to say I am too old for a newborn :)

Here are a few thoughts on home...

~Home is throwing my kids on my bed and tickling them to death
~Home is 1 Mom, 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 feather duvet piled on the couch watching Narnia
~Home is poetry my husband wrote in anticipation
~Home is my own pillow and the chill of early autumn against my nose in contrast to the toastiness of the feather duvet and my personal bed-heater
~Home is flirting with my husband in the kitchen over dinner prep
~Home is a naughty Beagle who sits practically on top of me on the couch
~Home is frothy-milked-cinnamon-topped coffee in the orange/blue/yellow mugs
~Home is my daughter coming to find me for hugs throughout the day with a "I'm so glad you are home" or an "I really missed you, Mom"
~Home is giving the boys haircuts
~Home is a little boy who seems to grow by the minute with mis-matched pajamas, one sock and one slipper

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