Grandma's Casserole Carrier

In theory, I am a girl who is big on heirlooms, tradition and all that jazz. But in truth, my Grandmother's china, and the beautiful china teacups don't come out of the cupboard very often. I have (gasp) gotten rid of most of the doilies (sorry April!) and dresser scarves and that sort of thing I got from her.

But there is one heirloom, if you will, that gets regular use. Especially because we are church folk, and you know how much those type of folk love to eat. Yep, it's the padded casserole cover/carrier with the handles and drawstrings. I have carried many a dish in it, all over Madrid. This past Sunday it cradled a brimming casserole dish full of fettucini alfredo with regular and spinach egg noodles. Yummy!

And also, it has the benefit of being useful as a hat...My Grandma gets no respect!

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