Day of Prayer, Sunday October 22

We want to ask you to pray urgently with us. Our financial crisis has deepened due to the fact that we MUST get our account out of the red by the end of the year. This has forced us to take a hard look at our future here in Spain if the funds do not come in.

We've had a discouraging week, and just yesterday we met with Nic's teacher and a woman who provides assistance to kids in his class. At this point they feel Nic has some sort of learning delay or comprehension problem. While we feel that he only just started school and has a lot to catch up on, it still makes us feel like we have put him in this position with the educational choices we have made so far.

We have set aside tomorrow, Sunday 22 October, to pray and seek God. We need His provision financially as well as clear guidance. Would you pray with us? We would really appreciate it!


Troy & Heather


Sandy said...

I'll be praying for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I'm on my knees for you today!!!