Conquering the Gadget Genes

A Tale of a Small Red Phone

On Saturday night, in the midst of a very strange weekend, my mobile phone died. I have only had it for a year and a half, but I think they make them to break so you have to replace/upgrade often. It would turn on, but the screen was completely black and it would not reset, even when I turned it off, took out the battery etc. I don't talk on my phone a lot, but I do use it a lot, and it's important to me that I am always reachable by school and family especially.

I was annoyed, but I ordered the second cheapest phone I could get through my mobile phone points through Vodafone. (The first phone I tried to get was apparently not available, so I wasted considerable time trying to chase that down.) In the meantime, Troy and I shared his phone depending on who needed to be more reachable. His phone is way older and shabbier than mine but still works well.

This morning I decided to try one last time to see if my phone would work. I put the SIM card in, put the battery back in, and turned it on. It worked!!!! Sigh. I went online to try and cancel the order for the other phone. Approximately 1 hour before the door buzzer rang.

It was the courier, with the new phone I no longer needed.
A fun little red flip phone. My little gadget heart beat quickly.

I looked at my perfectly good Nokia phone. I looked at my hubby's shabby old Motorola, with the black and white screen.

I gave my hubby the new phone. I wanted it, but I gave it to him. Hurray! At least once, I conquered my greedy gadget genes.

*I think I may have plugged my phone into my PDA charger instead of my phone charger, which may have freaked it out into not working for a few days. But it's working fine now. See where having too many gadgets gets you?


Jenn said...

I like that little flip phone...
I don't even have a phone. I'm gadget impaired ACK.
Nice of you to yield that one to your hubby. You totally deserve an ipod for that unselfish display of gadget generosity ;)

Heather said...

Poor you, you should have a phone :) But you have a snazzy camera and Macs, so you can't be too impaired :)

I do deserve it, but alas and alack, it's not in the budget :)