All Kinds of Crazy

It has been quite a week!

Mr. Cady turned 37. While I was out running some errands I had a little adventure with the car not starting, but our car insurance (which has amazing service, I have to say) came and we figured out the battery wire was just loose. We had tacos for dinner at Troy's request, then he had presents complete with Meaghan's scavenger hunt. That night after we were in bed, Kelly and April called to say that Troy was going to have to share his birthday with their new baby daughter. Needless to say it took a long time for us to get back to sleep after that!

Troy always tells me that I make things too complicated when I am ready to go on a trip. It's true; I do! So on Thursday evening Troy was out at a concert. But first, you have to know two of my pet peeves:

1) I HATE it when technology that I know I can master does not work. Hate it.
2) I hate being bored on journeys. Once I ran out of reading material half-way between Amsterdam and Minneapolis and I about went nuts.

So I decided that I should put some e-books on my PDA because I only had 2 1/2 actual books to read. I downloaded the books. They would not open on my PDA. I stayed up way too late trying to figure it out, even though I knew I had to get up early to catch the 8:00 am bus to Castellon to be with the Crulls. But I did it, I conquered technology.

On Friday morning I went into the office to grab my mobile phone, my phone charger and the cord to charge my PDA (so I could also use it on the way back) I had the phone and 2 cords, and I looked at the PDA and thought "Should I try and grab this now, or come back?" I decided to come back. Uh huh.

I kissed my three bed-bugs, all cozy in our bed and headed out the door. I was about to walk down into the metro and I remembered my little PDA, sitting on my desk still, neatly cradled. I did not go back. I had to be content that I had indeed conquered technology. Even though I was too much of a doofus to actually BRING the technology with.

So now I'm in Castellon with Kelly & April and little Ali, who is adorable in her blondeness. I get to be auntie or something or other.

Troy is holding down the fort beautifully in Madrid. Having church, doing homework, keeping up with everything. Like I said to the girls the other day, "my husband is a woman of Proverbs" :)



Peej said...

Husbands like that are GREAT!! I know because I have one, too. :o) I think he does my job better than me, sometimes. ;o) Enjoy your time...

A Woman of Proverbs said...


It was good to read this. I did not know that about your PDA! Bummer! Sounds like you handled the disappointment well. That just goes to show what a real man of God you are. ;-)

Miss you big!


Heather said...

No doubt Peej! When Troy goes away he comes home to a little bit of chaos, when I go away, I come home to a pristine house in military-precision order!

Yeah honey, but at least you are still Troy, B.O.S. :)