My Worst Mothering

I admit it, school work and homework bring out the worst in me as a mother. It makes me irritable and impatient with my children. It makes me too hard on them. It makes me want to wail and gnash my teeth. Ugh. I get frustrated and impatient and feel like I have passed on bad brain cells to my children.


Now that I got that rant out of the way, we are real Madrid citizens as of today. I got our monthly transportation abonos so as of October 1 we can use public transportation as much as we want. I can't wait for that! It means I can take the bus 2 stops if I want :)

I also stopped in at the Curves gym nearby and will be going on Monday to get my profile done so I can start going there. I am grateful there is one close to the house and that it's an affordable way for me to start being healthier.

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Michelle said...

Curves eh? Yeah, we have one here within walking distance of my house. But they charge 40 dollars a month. Not within our budget. But the curves are everywhere!