A little braggin'

I just have to brag for a minute about one of "our" girls. The first time I met Victoria, she was standing in the doorway of our service sniveling like a baby. This is a girl who does not normally cry...but that is another story.

Last year, Victoria and a friend starting buying supplies with their own money to make sandwiches to give to homeless people in Madrid. This was going on for quite awhile before anyone knew about it. We all thought it was way cool.

Now, it's becoming a regular part of our church. Victoria has a regular route that she takes on a Friday afternoon, right now with Kelly. We're hoping that we can get a lot more people involved. Since I'm committed to being at home when the kids get home from school, I can't go out with them, but today I helped the girls do the shopping and then we made the sandwiches. Each person gets a tuna, tomato and cheese sandwich, a piece of fruit and a little cake thingy.

I tease Victoria a lot, but I just wanted to say that I'm dang proud of her!


kelly_w said...

i was going to post on my blog bragging on victoria today too, but you beat me to it! oh well, i guess we can both be proud. thanks for your help making the sandwiches. we had more time to talk w/ people and got home way before dark.

Victoria said...

aw shucks *blush*
now i feel all googly inside.

Amy Swacina said...

Ditto to what you said! I'm proud of her too!!!

Lisa Pileggi said...

Ditto that! Victoria is truly an amazing blessing to our church and a real example of Christianity. You go girl!