Happy Update

I have been meaning to post for a couple of days since my woes earlier in the week so say things are much better. On Tuesday we had an informational meeting in Nic's classroom, and on Wednesday we had an appointment with his teacher. We all agreed that although Nic is behind, he is eager to learn and should be able to catch up with some extra effort. It helped for his teacher to know his "school history" which eased some of her concerns. Already Nic has been working his little heart out, and is consistently recognizing 12 word that he did not know at the beginning of the week. We have been practicing copying things down from the board etc. He seems to be happy and settled, although has noted several times that "When I'm a Dad I won't have to go to big school." There seems to be a family theme....when my brother Scott had to get up early for his first day of kindergarten, he rolled over and groaned "I wish I was married or in Heaven!" Anyway, I'm feeling much more positive about it.

Yesterday we had the informational meeting for Meg, and saw her classroom and met her teacher. Her teacher is (I believe) Scottish and has a wicked cool accent. Wonder how long it will be before Meg is talking like her! Meg also seems to be very happy and settled in her class, and the parents were welcoming yesterday.

In other news, we attended a birthday party for a little girl in our building (actually on our floor) whose mother is Spanish and father French, and met a few other neighbors. Meg is invited to a birthday party from her class on Sunday, so our social calendar is filling up!

The Cady Hotel has already re-opened despite the fact that not everything is put away yet. Meg very graciously gave up her room to our friends Warren & Karen who recently moved back to Spain after two years in Costa Rica. They are busy looking for a flat and jobs.

Anyway, thanks for your prayers and encouragement!

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