A few random thoughts

~ I inherited my Mom's dry heels. I also inherited her bad habit of picking at them. I tend to do this especially in summer when I walk around in bare feet all the time. Especially when I am sitting watching TV. Troy smacks my hands and tells me to stop. I usually keep doing it.

Earlier this summer my friend paid for me to have my first pedicure. My feet have been much better this summer. So last evening, when I was tempted to start picking at the flaky bits, I filled up a paint bucket with warm soapy water instead. I have decided to turn over a new leaf and instead of picking, I will soak and scrub with the pumice stone. I realize this is too much information for some of you. Oh well. I have my feet soaking while I type this!

~ Jet lag is bad, because even if you do manage to wake up at 7:30 am by yourself, you feel drugged and lethargic all day, when the kids need you to be the most patient etc. Then at night, when you should be winding down, you get all wired. While this is helpful for getting suitcases upnacked and feet soaked, it's not so good for a general lifestyle.

~ Earlier this evening I told Amy the dog was being pretty good. A few minutes later she was chewing on a tuna can lid that she stole from the recyling. Apparently she thinks she's a cat now.
~ Maybe that's because there actually WAS a cat on our balcony when we got home. It hung around for 24 hours, then disappeared. Go figure.

~ Since being home I have had several ideas for blog posts already. I want to write. Being home agrees with me!


cm said...

Im glad ur not perfect - I do that flaky feet thing too but really it is disgusting. Our dirty habits unite us.

spain dad said...

I just thought I'd mention that I like how you put a theme for each season of your life at the top of your blog (this one being "New Life").

For me, it kind of gives your posts a broader context, and contains them (sort like books do with a title and a physical book cover).

Heather said...

Hey CM, more than our dirty habits (now that makes it sounds worse than packing flaky feet!) unites us :)

Kelly, glad you like the theme thing. It helps keep my life a bit more ordered :)

lisa said...

i agree with kelly, i like the way you change your theme a the top. cool. you're a cool girl, miss heather. funny about your feet. i inherited dry heels from my mom too. i was just noticing how bad they are recently. i wonder if kelly ever looks at his heels...

welcome to jet-lag :-) ours is about done! happy odd hours and new life! thanks for the thoughts from james. i need to do that.... read my bible!