Brown cheese

In September of 1987 I went to England to attend Capernwray Bible School for winter school. I have to say this was one of the best experiences of my life.

One of my 7 roomies was a boisterous young Amazon-ish woman from Norway. She was great. And she got me hooked on Norwegian brown cheese. The few times she went back home while we were in school she always brought a block back for us all to share.

Today I was transported back 19 years. My friend Karen and I helped our friend Shani and her roomie Chaz move this morning, and to thank us, they handed us a block of brown cheese. I came home, made two pieces of toast, spread them with jam and added a thick piece of brown cheese. This is the correct way to eat it. And it's spectacular! Funny how a taste can take you back in time instantly.

This has been kind of a reminiscent week. My high school class is starting to plan our 20th reunion for next summer so I have gotten emails from people I have not seen or talked to in 20 years. Kind of crazy.


Heidi Renee said...

brown cheese - oooh - this is something this amazon-like norwegian woman has never tasted! and i'm from wisconsin! sounds yummy!

SpoilSport said...

Gjetost! I'm a sucker for funky cheese = ) Miss you, kiddo...