And so it begins....

At this moment I feel a deep parental weariness. They started school last week, but Thursday & Friday were not really heavy work days. Today they both came home with homework, so we sat down to do it right away.

Nic's teacher wrote me a note about Nic's struggle to read (he's just learning) and asked to see me as soon as possible.

Meaghan did not understand her Spanish teacher's instructions for homework and did not ask for clarification. She also was not sure about what her reading homework was. She said that she asked her teacher but that her teacher was busy and she did not want to keep asking. So that was two subjects we could do complete her homework in.

Both of these things make me want to sit down in a heap and cry. I am weary of reminding Meg that she needs to ask for help when she needs it. I was really hoping that a re-set provided by a new school would go a long way towards fixing this issue. But I guess old habits really do die hard.

And Nic, well, I knew that he was going to be behind. I am hoping his teacher will be understanding. I worked with Nic for more than an hour. He's only 6.

I guess I also feel guilty, because the British school system is much more demanding than the American. I wonder if my kids would struggle so much if we lived in America and they were in the American school system. We don't have many options for school here. I know that neither of them could hack the Spanish school system, and I am not cut out for home-schooling (which I don't even think is permitted in Spain.)

I love living in Madrid, and doing what we do. It's a privilege to pastor Oasis Madrid with Troy. But sometimes, on days like this, it feels like such an uphill climb.

Will you pray with me that
Meg will learn new and better work habits
Nic will come along quickly
I will have wisdom in dealing with their teachers
I will be conscious of God's grace in my life

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SpoilSport said...

I love you, that goofy one and the kids. All four of you are always in my prayers. Heather, you are a good mom and God will use you (and the goofy one) to raise Nic and Meg just how they need to be raised. Fret not, you pint-sized fireball, you... = )