Spaghetti Lament

I am thankful that you meet all our needs.
I am thankful that we have a good meal to eat tonight,
that we are clothed and housed and fed.
But Lord,
I am sad that my spaghetti does not taste right in America.
I miss my spices, my ingredients, my can opener.
I miss the familiarity of my own kitchen.

It seems like a lot to ask Lord Jesus,
But please take us home to Madrid,
with money enough to live
pay for school
and no more deficit.

Because I miss my spaghetti.


Troy said...

I can honestly say a hearty AMEN to that request!


Jenn said...

awwwww - the Lord heard your prayer. He cares about a good pasta meal too you know ;)
How did you get to be a day ahead of me....are you time travelling somehow? I swear it's only Tuesday, because Wednesday is my anniversary, (9 YEARS) and there's NO WAY I could've missed that.
btw - My hubby makes AWESOME spaghetti. Someday ;)

Heather said...

Nah, I just didn't reset my computer and it's still on Spain time!

Happy Anniversary! Our 15th is on the 17th. I'm so not old enough to have been married that long!

lisa said...

And our 24th is on the 14th!

I know the feeling of longing for home! This morning we sat in bed with our tea and one of the things we prayed about is where we will live for the first while in Arusha. That feeling of not being able to imagine home is a funny one. But I got a note from my folks this morning saying they had made up the beds in our rooms at their place. It's nice that furlough home is consistant and welcoming.

We also prayed for you guys.

Amy Swacina said...

I miss your spaghetti too, but I miss you guys more. I'm still praying for you and God's provision. Hang in there.

kelly_w said...

A stinking MEN!

we're praying too.

Monaca said...

i can make you decent spaghetti...