The Love of a Father

Last night Meg had a minor melt-down, which is very unusual for her. I think being away from home especially after months of transition she just freaked out. At the end of evening when I hugged her goodnight for the second time, she said to me "I had such a bad night. I wish I could never remember this night." It was heart-wrenching; one of the moments as missionaries that you hope you aren't screwing up your kids too much.

Anyway, the kids had finally gone to sleep, and we got ready for bed. We had told Meg at the beginning of the putting to bed process that we wanted her to try and stay in her own bed. After the ensuing trauma, we wished we hadn't made such a big deal about it. So Troy went into the room where Meg was sleeping on the floor and went to sleep on the floor beside her, so that if she woke up (she had told us that she has had trouble sleeping) she wouldn't be afraid.

That was such a beautiful image. Not only of how Troy is a great Dad, loving and wise, but also of my Heavenly Father. I could imagine my Heavenly Father on the floor beside me in the dark, as I struggle to trust Him with our furlough and our future.

Here as some more pics we took today

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lisa said...

I love this image too! What a good Dad Meg has! And what a good Dad WE have!