Even McDonalds!

Today we devoted most of the day to the kids. We have been dragging them around to visit people, eat out etc. So we met up with my high school friend Steve and his daughter and took them to the DuPage Children's Museum where they had a great time playing with bubbles and vacuum tubes, doing art work and all kinds of other fun things.

After a couple of hours there, we headed down to Naperville's Riverwalk where we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful summer weather. We watched the ducks and even saw a snake in the river. He was kind of scary, and although we don't know what he was hunting, we had fun watching him slide around among the rocks and stick his head out of the water.

After that we headed back to Yorkville where we have been staying in the home of Mike & Julie, friends of ours. They get produce every week from a farm as part of a co-op they are part of and we needed to pick it up for them. We brought home a beautiful selection of fresh vegetables. I would definitely do this if we lived in America! If you do (live in America) and you are interested in finding a farm near you, you can find more information here.

After that we bought the kids Happy Meals. Nic's toy was....(are you ready for this?)...a HUMMER! Good grief!

We have really needed these couple of days as a family. It feels good to have some time together to recharge our batteries.


spain dad said...

so glad you guys had some time as a fam to hang out and relax...and bubbles just make everything better! (not sure about hummers though :) )

spain dad said...

oh, and, happy anniversary!

(I got so distracted by the bubbles, I forgot the main reason I wanted to comment!)

ari and monaca said...

cant wait for you guys to join us in florida