6 Random Comments

OK, I decided that I am never going to get a chance to write out all the thoughts going through my head in full form, so here is a random sampler for you :)

1. I have been driving our friends' Honda minivan. It has sliding doors on both sides that open automatically with the little remote thingy. I could get used to that.

2. No matter if you take a photo and pay big bucks, it's HARD to get the haircut you want!

3. Even if you buy all kinds of hair products, which take you a chunk of time to pick out, you still don't get the look you were going for.

3. I have only eaten Arby's once, and today will be only the second time we've eaten at McDonalds.

4. I know Walmart is not all good, but I have fun shopping there. Yesterday day I got cushy leather sandals for $11.

5. I see a big yellow Hummer thingy pretty much EVERY time we go out. Seriously people, what is UP with that?

6. We always keep track of the license plates we see while we are on furlough. So far we have seen more than 40 states, I think, including Alaska.

More random thoughts later. Gotta go.

1 comment:

kelly_w said...

you've seen MORE than 50 states? that's amazing! how does that work, actually :)?