Yeah, so this nifty new look reminds me that we are leaving in a few days. I suppose that means I need to drag some suitcases out and think about what to put in them! Thankfully we always travel light going to the US...coming back is another story! Although every year we live in Europe we learn to live and travel a little lighter.

So Meg is done with school, and her hair is all cut off. I am hoping this summer will be a good "re-set" time for her and that she will start school in the fall with less shyness toward her new classmates as well as motivation and determination to learn more Spanish.

Nic had his tooth pulled yesterday and the spacer thing put in. I could hear him crying after they gave him the shot. I hated that. But they said he calmed down after that and was really good. He came out cheerfully with a glove blown up into a balloon. He's a little trooper.

Last night Troy and I had a date, thanks to Jonathan, who volunteered to babysit! We rode the bus into the center of the city and saw X-Men 3. I'm so glad to be living in the city again. I love it. It's great to be able to experience Europe more...living in suburbia isn't quite European! I love taking the bus; it's a great way to learn what's out there and people watch.

We've all bee enjoying the pool on our lunch break. It's heated just enough to make it blissfully easy to get in, but not so much that it's not refreshing.

This afternoon we are taking the kids to see Over the Hedge for their end of school year treat. We're all looking forward to it.

Well, I should get back to unpacking my office boxes and making sure laundry is caught up so we actually have clean clothes to pack!


kelly_w said...

you went to see it without us! i guess you didn't have a choice considering you actually had a babysitter, but still!

see you sunday.

bobbie said...

so glad you're settled in just in time to head off. bon voyage and enjoy your time away - keep us posted on your travels please!

Jenn said...

Have a great vacation in the US, visiting friends, and catching up! Pity you won't be coming my way, but I'll continue to harrass you on your blog, in the vain hope that one day our paths will cross again - even if it means I travel to Spain ;)