It's a wonderfully normal Sunday today even though we still have boxes to unpack and things to put away. Troy, the kids and the dog just went out for a walk. We got our ADSL on Friday and I got the wireless to work on Saturday so we feel connected to the world again. Several friends may be stopping by today.

I will still have to do a couple of posts about the move. Too long to go into now though.

The first week here was a bit scary and overwhelming. Summer is usually sort of a slump time for our church, so it felt a bit risky having just made this huge move. But I think we're past the worst of the panic and back into hope :)

Note to self: Try not to plan a move just a couple weeks before furlough! Although despite our lack of planning ahead, God is providing and things are falling into place for places to stay, vehicles to drive etc.

More later...am going to enjoy the Sabbath!

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