Waiting to Settle

It has been hard knowing what to write. We still have not signed a contract, but if seems that the apartment is ours. I'm just slightly skittish about claiming it until we have actually signed. We're talking about things like it is, but it's hard to be full-on excited yet.

Now is also the perfect time to be insecure about it. This place is in a very "pijo" (high-class, snobby etc.) area. The garage is FULL of Mercedes, Audis, BMWs etc. Our Ford Escort is going to look pretty out of place. I'm a little worried about living around people with so much money. Apparently there also a lot of French people living in the building. (We found out there is a French school nearby) French people have a reputation for being very quiet and reserved. Since we always have people in the house, I hope we aren't going to tick off the neighbors.

Uncertainty is a funny thing. It makes you waffle between hope and despair. It seems obvious that God has provided a good place for us; even answering little desires of my heart like a gas stove. Obviously, He knows the neighbors. Yet I still worry, like He is not big enough to handle them.

I am dying to see the place again. We looked at it thoroughly but only enough to know that we could live there. Now I want to go back and really take notice of things.

Today is a holiday in Madrid, so no business will get done. We're hoping to sign very soon.

We're all going a bit nuts with allergies right now, so that has us a bit off our game as well. Keep praying!


lisa said...

hi heather!

we are the world's loudest family so we certainly would not be good news to that apartment block! but we hope that it's the place for you and that you can move in soon.

i decided to blog in hopes that it would actually encourage me to write more often. we'll see :-)

lisa xx

Sarah said...

"French people have a reputation for being very quiet and reserved..." .....

Who said that then?... I mean, it all depends on point of view, I bet some people reckon yous are pretty quiet and reserved. I think the frogs will make good neighbours.

Monaca said...

I dont think anyone things the cadys are quiet and reserved... :)