I figured it was time for an update lest you think I've been awake worrying about the dentist since the last one!

~ I made a dentist appointment for Nic the very next day. We'll take him on Friday at 6, after spending the day painting our new flat. Troy will go with me, so I can translate where necessary but hopefully Daddy can accompany Nic into the actual procedure. I am hoping while we are there to see if we can get Meg in to be evaluated for braces before we go on furlough.

~We had a mini-vacation on the beach with our friends Kelly & April. We drove down on Wednesday evening after Meg got out of school and came home on Sunday. The first day we were there was cool and windy, so I was stupid about sun-screen. So I am now a very a-PEALING person (that one is for you Troy & Kelly!) It was great to have a chance to disconnect our brain a little bit and chill on the beach. Troy and the gang (pretty much everyone but me) built some spectacular sandcastles, so I'll have to post photos later.

~Our house has started to look like we are moving. We're painting at the new flat Thursday and Friday so hopefully we'll get a lot done in those days. Next week we'll have the kids' new beds delivered and finish up any painting, then the landlord will hopefully have someone clean the place and we'll move on Friday.

~My allergies are a bit better, so at least I have been able to stay in bed all night. I wake up sneezing as soon as my medication wears off, but at least I'm not spending 2-3 hours on the couch trying to breathe!

~I think that's it for now!


Troy said...

That pun was a real groaner, hon! I loved it! See? I told you: you can be classy when you want. It just takes a little more effort.


bobbie said...

great news! we're in the painting of the new place mode too - it's so much work!!

Anskov said...

I was gonna make a joke about how I thought Troy would like your a-PEALING joke, and low and behold, Troy is the first to comment on it - LOL.

Miss you guys.