Top 10 List of Things I Will Not Miss About This House

The not-so-nice carpet in the bedrooms and family room

The outlets that are falling out of the wall

Cleaning so much house, especially the eleventy-billion stairs where the dust collects

brown tile in the downstairs bathroom
(the WHOLE room is this color, floor & walls)

the ugly cement planter on the front steps

the nasty smelling tree in front of the house
(it may look pretty but it smells like the equivalent of fried ants, or according to Kelly, purple)

the kitchen door latch that has fallen off so many times it's hopeless
(it makes it really easy for the dog to get in the garbage)

peeling paint part 1: the wall in the basement

peeling paint part 2: the kitchen ceiling

peeling paint part 3: on the wall (in quite a few places)

and the #1 thing I will not miss about our house is
Mr. & Mrs. Crabby Neighbor who live next door


Amy Swacina said...

I'm a little disappointed that you didn't actaully go and knock on your neighbor's door, quick take a picture as soon as they answered and then run away. Or you could have sneaked a pic through the back yard fence. Come on, I think you took the easy way out on that last picture.

relevantgirl said...

Good list, heather, especially the brown-brown bathroom...

Sarah said...

Hate to be a party-pooper, but re the plug thing - dont count on it being any different in your new place - I think its a Spanish tradition.

Monaca said...

Thats funny those are all the things I love about your house, esspecially your wonderful neighbor.... NOT! haha, your list was awesome. I appreciated it. I am with Amy on this one though, you should have snuck a picture and ran away. Or you could have done it sydney bristow style... nuff said.

Heather said...

Alright Amy & Monaca, here is your challenge.When I move out of the house, your mission is to take a picture of him for my blog!!!

Sidney Bristow or any other style!