I hope, I hope!

I think we found our home today! But I am not doing any jigs until I have a signed contract and keys in hand. But I'm hopeful.

It's a decent size, and has a wrap-around balcony on three sides of the apartment, so all the rooms in the house open onto it. It's on the first floor, so there is nobody below us. The landlord seemed to like and trust us, and we gave him a deposit to hold it until we sign a contract. He has an administrator, so I'm praying that person doesn't try and talk him out of it. We'd like to sign the contract by Friday.

He's willing to let us paint whatever color we want, so that is cool.
Anyway, keep praying! Thanks.


Monaca said...

do you have any pictures?

spain dad said...

I'd like the guest room to be painted pink with black polka dots since that's most likely where we'll be staying when we come to visit.

Heather said...

Hate to break it to you dude, but there will no longer be a guest room! That's what happens when you downsize. So you can have the airbed on the living room floor, and you'll have to deal with the decor as is :)

Not all of us can have 4 extra bedrooms you know!

devoted said...

I've been checking in today, hoping along with you ... Pleeeeease God, act on behalf of my dear friends and your dear children!

bobbie said...

will be praying!! keep us posted!