Even though we are signing our contract today, I woke up stressed and jittery. Our day-off plans were a bit up in the air, so I couldn't crash and get a nap after the kids went to school, which is what I really needed. Instead, I puttered.

I did laundry. I sent an email to my tax man and a few other random emails. I printed out our furlough travel receipt so I could do the reimbursement form. But mostly, I fretted. About money. Because we had to pay 2 months deposit instead of one. Because the exchange rate is terrible right now, right when we have to spend money right and left. Because moving into the city means spending more on rent, more on school.

I fretted about furlough, and how you have to spend money to raise money. I fretted about moving, about new neighbors, about the new knowledge that the landlord actually lives in the same complex. I fretted and fretted and fretted some more.

I have a bad habit of being stoic. I can take a lot and keep on going, happily enough. But the last month has been really stressful, and I can feel in my soul that I just need to sit and have a good long blubber.

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kelly_w said...

you can blubber to me. goodness knows you've earned it with how much of mine you listen to!