When I met Troy in the fall of 1988 (I was starting my second year of college) I already knew I wanted to be a missionary. I can't say exactly why, but that was my heart. Maybe it was largely because after growing up in Ecuador I couldn't fathom anything else. And maybe it was partly because it was the Grant family business; I am the third generation of missionaries. After all, it's not a bad business to be in.

Anyway, enter Troy. Troy had plans to be a pastor. When our relationship started to get more serious, I realized I had a problem. I had no intention whatsoever of staying in America to be a pastor's wife. So I started doing what every godly woman does: I started praying behind Troy's back! I prayed that either I would want to be a pastor's wife or that Troy would want to become a missionary.

Not too long after, in a booth in the cafeteria in Nazareth Hall (directly underneath the chapel where we would later marry) Troy somewhat hesitantly admitted that he felt called to missions. I tried to react with grace and dignity instead of reaching up to give God a high five.

Mission accomplished. Although it took us a lot longer than we hoped or expected, in May 1998 we arrived in Spain. For the first three years we worked on staff at a church. Later, our mission approached us about leading a team to start a new church. We agreed, and arrived in Madrid in February 2002. Mountainview International church was born.

I'm not sure when the irony started to sink in. When it did, I had to grin. Somehow God had gotten me in almost the exact same position I had been so adamantly avoiding. Grranted, it was in Europe, but I was a pastor's wife.

Over the past few years, God has somewhat sneakily grown me into leadership. Now, instead of being ''the pastor's wife", God has given me a vital role in leading Oasis Madrid with Troy. Turns out that God actually knew what would be a good role for me! Go figure!


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Hmmm - fulfilling both your wish to be a missionary and Troy's to be a pastor. Seems like a startlingly simple solution. God is clever that way. ;)

relevantgirl said...

you're pretty much a hottie for being a pastor's wife. :-)